I have become a cookie monster. I am not entirely sure what has caused it. I guess it’s got something to do with winter where something more substantial than a piece of fruitRead More

Dinner is most likely the meal in our house that changes the least often. We have our two or three soups, two or three meat/seafood or pasta dishes. More often than not, we’llRead More

The Dubai marathon is done and dusted. For three months, everything in my life was designed and scheduled around the training and the actual race. Now that it’s over, I need something elseRead More

The Dubai marathon is over! Three months of hard training culminated in the actual race last Friday. It would be the third time that I’d run a marathon. As many of you haveRead More

One more week to go until I run my 3rd marathon. It’s taper time. That means less running, less physical exhaustion, and so much more time to think and worry. Here are someRead More

An icy wind is blowing that laughs at the temperatures on the mercury.  Numbers on the thermometer can be very deceptive in Dubai: yesterday it went es low as 20C which would probablyRead More

 There is many good things about Christmas in Dubai. If you can get your head around sunshine, blue skies and rather warm weather (which is something you have to get used to whenRead More

Tomorrow is the previously mentioned Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon, and I am gonna run it!! Yes, I will. If you have read my previous post, you will know that I got aRead More

Bad news today ! Be prepared for a big whine.  I’ve got my first ever running injury. After last week’s 25k long run (which was part of my marathon training), I realized thatRead More

I was recently asked to contribute four German recipes to a publication whose topic would be international cuisine. It had to be a soup, an entree, a salad and a dessert. While dessertsRead More

May I make a very bold statement today? Here we go: Everything tastes better with tahini.There, I said it. These days, I hardly have a meal without tahini. It’s either in my hummus,Read More

Autumn is here, I’d like to think. The morning temperatures are just below 30C which feels almost fresh after several months of 35+C. However, during the day my autumnal feeling still dwindle aRead More

When you travel with small kids, you will most probably have a lot of luggage. Whenever we leave Dubai for our annual leave in summer, I am glad to travel with Emirates Airlines,Read More

We are in the last week of our holiday in Europe. In a week’s time, we’ll be home. As in previous years, after about three weeks, we start to looking forward to goRead More

I have mentioned more often than not that the Dubai summers are very very hot.  This year is no exception. However, it seems that after 8 years that I have been living inRead More

The raw food diet doesn’t allow food to be heated over 42C as higher temperatures are being considered to kill the vitality and life force of the food. That’s one fact. Now haveRead More

Would you expect a dessert to be good for you? For many people, the conventional idea of a dessert is more like this: it’s full of sugars, white flours and the wrong fats,Read More

Following a mostly grain free diet, requires a bigger refrigerator. I don’t know yet how to sell this idea to my husband. The biggest obstacle is that there is no space for aRead More

I have hopes that my son is becoming a runner. He is 6 years old. For the past two weeks he has been running with the junior group of my running club, theRead More

A group of runners will run a 46-47k run through the streets of Dubai this coming Friday, starting at 6am. They do it to raise money for the treatment of an Iraqi friendRead More