I can imagine what you are thinking: she must be living under a rock. The world has been drinking green smoothies for about a decade, and now she’s coming up with a recipe…yawn!!!Read More

When you think you eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep enough, have a rather regulated life and are generally happy with life, you’d think¬† your immune system should be able to fight off anythingRead More

An icy wind is blowing that laughs at the temperatures on the mercury.  Numbers on the thermometer can be very deceptive in Dubai: yesterday it went es low as 20C which would probablyRead More

We are finally back home in Dubai after a month of holidays and travelling. It feels good to be home, although I am still in the process of settling in: unpacking suitcases, fillingRead More

Hello from Hamburg. We are finally on our one-month summer vacation in Germany in Portugal. It feels really good to be back home, although Hamburg is not my hometown (I went to universityRead More

When I was 8 years old, my family and I lived in China (near Shanghai) for two years due to my dad’s work. Truly one of the craziest experiences of my life tilRead More