I am lagging behind with a lot of recipes that I have been cooking lately, as the other grown-up family member in our house decided to go starch and sugar free as ofRead More

My running break is over. Thank goodness for that. It lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I am not sure if it was enough to recover physically from the strains of a very longRead More

This quinoa recipe was an attempt to carb load before my marathon last week. As it contains grains and veggies… Oh, how little do I know. I am aware that many of myRead More

Three months of diligent marathon training have come to an end and the big day is tomorrow. Here I am now, sitting and waiting for those last 24 hours to go by tilRead More

My blog is slowly turning into a running blog with random healthy recipes added to each blog post. I am not sure I like this new direction yet. It all seems less coherent.Read More

How many and what kind of childhood injuries did you have? I am talking about stitched-up lacerations, arms or legs in casts, scars, etc? I had my wrist broken when I was 11-12Read More

 I acknowledge the fact that broccoli is not the most exciting vegetable. I can see on my kids faces every time they find on they lunch plate. However, I think the nutritional valueRead More

Dinner is most likely the meal in our house that changes the least often. We have our two or three soups, two or three meat/seafood or pasta dishes. More often than not, we’llRead More

The Dubai marathon is done and dusted. For three months, everything in my life was designed and scheduled around the training and the actual race. Now that it’s over, I need something elseRead More

May I make a very bold statement today? Here we go: Everything tastes better with tahini.There, I said it. These days, I hardly have a meal without tahini. It’s either in my hummus,Read More

It’s end of September and the Dubai running season has officially started. A few weeks ago, I signed up for all the races that I want to participate in. It adds up toRead More

Did you ever lose luggage while traveling by aeroplane? Did you ever have to go to the lost luggage depot of an airport? We get visitors very regularly here in Dubai. Once orRead More

We are in the last week of our holiday in Europe. In a week’s time, we’ll be home. As in previous years, after about three weeks, we start to looking forward to goRead More

Chives are associated with summer in my life. They remind me of my childhood where I spent countless weekends in the gardens of my grandparents, aunts and uncles. We would be eating fruitRead More

It’s summer holidays, finally. I was anticipating this moment probably as much as my son. No more school uniforms to iron the night before. No more alarm-clock induced awakenings at 6.30am. No moreRead More

I survived my daughter’s 4th birthday. It may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. Dubai is a place where everything can be bought for a party, be itRead More

I am taking the year 2012 in a storm. It started with a cover photo and a double page spread about my blog and recipes. Now I am working as a assistant photographer/foodRead More

I admit I am still at a loss with most spices. Now that I live in the Middle East, close to India, the spice shelves are packed with spices I am not evenRead More