Welcome back after a little summer break! I went on a three week holiday to Crete in Greece. All prepared with recipes and food photos that prepared beforehand and that I would serveRead More

My running break is over. Thank goodness for that. It lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I am not sure if it was enough to recover physically from the strains of a very longRead More

Not much wisdom to share today. Just a lovely summer salad of beetroot, apples and celery that I keep on making. The textures of these three ingredients provide layers, and so do theirRead More

Spring is in the air, and I find myself making salads and light vegetable dishes instead of heavy hot soups and stews or meat-laden dinners. One can never eat enough vegetables, I find.Read More

The update of the half marathon that I ran more than two weeks ago on Valentine’s day?…..ahem, yes…… I still owe you that one. Well, let’s be totally honest: I was sulking. IRead More

This quinoa recipe was an attempt to carb load before my marathon last week. As it contains grains and veggies… Oh, how little do I know. I am aware that many of myRead More

The big day has finally come: only 3 more days to go until the Berlin marathon. Tonight, I’ll be flying out to Germany. I am usually not a person who packs days inRead More

Ten days since my last post, and by now I am two weeks into my marathon training. I am saying this because it’s the main reason why it took me so long forRead More

How many and what kind of childhood injuries did you have? I am talking about stitched-up lacerations, arms or legs in casts, scars, etc? I had my wrist broken when I was 11-12Read More

I am craving salty and hearty meals these days. Yes, it’s winter. But more so, I am in the final stages of marathon training. I’ve been logging in my longest long run ofRead More

Bad news today ! Be prepared for a big whine.  I’ve got my first ever running injury. After last week’s 25k long run (which was part of my marathon training), I realized thatRead More

I was recently asked to contribute four German recipes to a publication whose topic would be international cuisine. It had to be a soup, an entree, a salad and a dessert. While dessertsRead More

Lentils are the perfect autumn/winter food, don’t you think? Comforting, warming and filling and very versatile when it comes to its usage in a dish. I bookmark almost every lentil recipe that IRead More

The raw food diet doesn’t allow food to be heated over 42C as higher temperatures are being considered to kill the vitality and life force of the food. That’s one fact. Now haveRead More

A group of runners will run a 46-47k run through the streets of Dubai this coming Friday, starting at 6am. They do it to raise money for the treatment of an Iraqi friendRead More

I love this time of the year in Dubai. Those few weeks in spring before it gets too hot. Where the sky is still sort of clear before endless months of yellowish hazeRead More