I am lagging behind with a lot of recipes that I have been cooking lately, as the other grown-up family member in our house decided to go starch and sugar free as ofRead More

Surprise, surprise: I am still alive. Alive and kicking and cooking. It’s been a while since the last post, about three months. Let me explain. You may have noticed that my recipe postsRead More

This quinoa recipe was an attempt to carb load before my marathon last week. As it contains grains and veggies… Oh, how little do I know. I am aware that many of myRead More

Did you ever lose luggage while traveling by aeroplane? Did you ever have to go to the lost luggage depot of an airport? We get visitors very regularly here in Dubai. Once orRead More

I am taking the year 2012 in a storm. It started with a cover photo and a double page spread about my blog and recipes. Now I am working as a assistant photographer/foodRead More

 I love seafood for several reasons: I love the taste of fish, shellfish, oysters, seaweed. In any way, be it raw, grilled, baked, fried, deep-fried. It’s healthy, a very convenient side effect. ButRead More

Finally! That’s what I need to say first when writing this post for my Pasta Puttanesca recipe. It’s been on my list from the moment I discovered this amazing pasta sauce, but forRead More

Did you know that Pluto is not considered a planet of our solar system anymore? Yes, in 2006, its career ended as a full-on planet after more than 75 years (as it wasRead More

Winter (Def.) = the coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring. At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are longest, with days lengthening as the season progressesRead More

Winter time is cold season, even here in Dubai where winter temperatures do not go below 20C/70F during the day. Husband has been sniffing and coughing for more than a week. My sonRead More

We love seafood in our family. Just recently we threw our BBQ on for a midweek grilled king prawn feast. OK, we had visitors to impress, but I’d do a lot of thingsRead More

Is it allowed to be addicted to chickpeas? Like being addicted to chocolate? I think I am. Addicted to chickpeas. I panic when my dried chickpeas are finished when I had plans toRead More

 I am not big into star signs and their attributes. I think I stopped reading horoscopes in my teenage years after I realized it will not tell me if the boy of myRead More

Do you know spaetzle? It is a southern German pasta specialty.They are made of flour, eggs and salt. If I remember correctly, it’s 8 eggs on 2 lbs of flour. My best friendRead More

I love to buy those pre-packed bell peppers, where you get one red, one yellow and one green. Now the predicament is that I usually only use the yellow and the red inRead More

I am convinced that our bodies often tell us what nutrients they need. One just needs to listen carefully. For instance, in winter I often feel like eating tinned tuna. The craving isRead More

  Before the asparagus season is over, I must share this salad recipe with you. I haven’t made any cold non-vegetarian salads for ages. Last weekend, we felt like having something light forRead More