Not much wisdom to share today. Just a lovely summer salad of beetroot, apples and celery that I keep on making. The textures of these three ingredients provide layers, and so do theirRead More

Good news from the marathon training front: firstly, my groin and hamstring niggles are gone. Secondly, the weather in Dubai has finally cooled down so much that running outside is pure pleasure. Thirdly,Read More

The big day has finally come: only 3 more days to go until the Berlin marathon. Tonight, I’ll be flying out to Germany. I am usually not a person who packs days inRead More

 The third week of my marathon training is just completed and everything is going according to plan. Last week I ran a total mileage of 78k/48mi with just one rest day. That wasRead More

Ten days since my last post, and by now I am two weeks into my marathon training. I am saying this because it’s the main reason why it took me so long forRead More

As Spring should be in full swing in most places of in the northern hemisphere, I think it’s time for another seasonal recipe round-up. Believe it or not, I don’t go through myRead More

Bad news today ! Be prepared for a big whine.  I’ve got my first ever running injury. After last week’s 25k long run (which was part of my marathon training), I realized thatRead More

Lentils are the perfect autumn/winter food, don’t you think? Comforting, warming and filling and very versatile when it comes to its usage in a dish. I bookmark almost every lentil recipe that IRead More

It’s end of September and the Dubai running season has officially started. A few weeks ago, I signed up for all the races that I want to participate in. It adds up toRead More

We are finally back home in Dubai after a month of holidays and travelling. It feels good to be home, although I am still in the process of settling in: unpacking suitcases, fillingRead More

We are in the last week of our holiday in Europe. In a week’s time, we’ll be home. As in previous years, after about three weeks, we start to looking forward to goRead More

We are past half-time on our one-month vacation in Europe. On the weekend we returned to Germany after two wonderful weeks in Portugal. What a beautiful place Portugal is! We stayed in CascaisRead More

Bom Dia from Portugal this time! We are at our second stop of our one-month vacation in Europe. For two weeks, we are staying in a coastal town near Lisbon. The beach isRead More

Chives are associated with summer in my life. They remind me of my childhood where I spent countless weekends in the gardens of my grandparents, aunts and uncles. We would be eating fruitRead More

It’s summer holidays, finally. I was anticipating this moment probably as much as my son. No more school uniforms to iron the night before. No more alarm-clock induced awakenings at 6.30am. No moreRead More

We really have been spoiled with good weather over the past few weeks here in Dubai.  We were blessed with moderate temperatures (comparatively), clouds (don’t really get to see that many throughout theRead More

I survived my daughter’s 4th birthday. It may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. Dubai is a place where everything can be bought for a party, be itRead More