I can imagine what you are thinking: she must be living under a rock. The world has been drinking green smoothies for about a decade, and now she’s coming up with a recipe…yawn!!!Read More

Today’s recipe can hardly be called a recipe as it is just an assembly of raw and mostly unprocessed ingredients. My diet has gone more and more into this direction over the lastRead More

A last quick recipe before I hop on the plane for my annual summer holidays in Germany and Portugal tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to get out of the Dubai summer heat. IRead More

It’s 8pm on a Thursday in Dubai. I am running the last half marathon of the season tomorrow morning at 6.30am. Everything is laid out, including the banana that I will force myselfRead More

If there is anything about baking that I don’t like, it’s the Hit or Miss aspect of it. You can assemble the most promising batters. But only if you pull the bread orRead More

Granola bars are very popular if I can believe the statistics of my blog. Therefore, I cannot withhold this granola bar recipe any longer that got me through the last couple of weeksRead More

Five days to go until the Dubai marathon. I ran my last training run today, 12k at marathon pace. It felt good. I know from experience that I find it harder to getRead More

Going grain-free naturally leads you to exploring nuts and seeds. My first grain free granola, the Orange Date Nut Clusters,  a couple of weeks back has become a staple in my house. IRead More

 After more than 2 months of summer holidays, I forgot what it was like to get up early every morning and get my son get ready for school on time. He started schoolRead More

I have a new love: buckwheat flour. For several months I have been eying the packet in the supermarket, not quite knowing what to do with it and how it would behave inRead More

 It’s already been a week since we landed in Germany for our vacation. It wasn’t the smoothest of all vacations in the beginning. All is fine now. We have settled into our holidayRead More

 The last week before a holiday is as stressful as all the time together since the last holiday, it seems to me. I am going on a one-month holiday tomorrow. I got everythingRead More

I have been trying to keep my diet gluten free for some time now. Not rigorously, but as a general rule I tried to avoid it to see what it does to myRead More

After a series of kitchen disasters, during which several new dishes went straight into the bin, I tend to cook and bake things that are well known to me and disaster-proof. Like granola.Read More

 Rosewater is one of those ingredients (and I will not even name the other ones, in case they never make it to the daylight), that has been sitting in my pantry for months,Read More

People are creatures of habit when it comes to foods and food routines. For instance, many like the same breakfast every morning. Lunches can be the same for 2 or 3 days inRead More

I ran my first 10k race of the season yesterday. The season in Dubai is in winter, as the summer months are far too hot for these kind of outdoor activities. I amRead More

What do you do when one person of the family prefers freshly baked breads only for breakfast? Getting dressed and run to the bakery shop first thing every morning? No. Not me. NotRead More

 I have never thought of putting raw quinoa into a granola until I read a granola recipe on Food And Whine. What a revelation it was. I basically copied the recipe and justRead More