Spring is in the air, and I find myself making salads and light vegetable dishes instead of heavy hot soups and stews or meat-laden dinners. One can never eat enough vegetables, I find.Read More

I was recently asked to contribute four German recipes to a publication whose topic would be international cuisine. It had to be a soup, an entree, a salad and a dessert. While dessertsRead More

Lentils are the perfect autumn/winter food, don’t you think? Comforting, warming and filling and very versatile when it comes to its usage in a dish. I bookmark almost every lentil recipe that IRead More

Autumn is here, I’d like to think. The morning temperatures are just below 30C which feels almost fresh after several months of 35+C. However, during the day my autumnal feeling still dwindle aRead More

The raw food diet doesn’t allow food to be heated over 42C as higher temperatures are being considered to kill the vitality and life force of the food. That’s one fact. Now haveRead More

Following a mostly grain free diet, requires a bigger refrigerator. I don’t know yet how to sell this idea to my husband. The biggest obstacle is that there is no space for aRead More

I have hopes that my son is becoming a runner. He is 6 years old. For the past two weeks he has been running with the junior group of my running club, theRead More

BBQing in Dubai in May can be quite a torture. Over the the last week, summer has finally arrived and blesses us now with 40C during the day, and not much less thanRead More

We really have been spoiled with good weather over the past few weeks here in Dubai.  We were blessed with moderate temperatures (comparatively), clouds (don’t really get to see that many throughout theRead More

 It’s still winter, right? At the beginning of March, many people in colder areas of the Northern hemisphere have probably had enough of winter. But here in Dubai I cherish every day, whereRead More

I am a sucker for quick and simple recipes. As much as I love cooking, I don’t want to spend hours chopping, mincing, sifting, whisking or stirring my food. All cookbooks with recipesRead More

Although many of my recent recipes are gluten-free, neither I nor any family members are actually allergic to gluten. It is rather the case that I decided for myself to eat gluten-free asRead More

First things first: the Parmesan in this recipe is not real Parmesan. it doesn’t even have the smallest crumb of Parmesan on the ingredients list. It gets even better: it’s vegan. And it’sRead More

Have you ever checked the ingredients list of regular store-bought french fries? In the “best” case it only has gluten and sugar in it, in the worst case, the list is longer thanRead More

 After a month of vacation in Germany, I couldn’t wait to be back in my kitchen. Although I cooked a lot in Germany, I was not very inspired to try out new things,Read More

 We are back in Dubai after a month of vacation in Germany. Still a little tired from the night flight, and our 80kgs of luggage evenly spread in the house (why is itRead More

 White asparagus is probably THE German classic spring vegetable that everyone is looking forward to after a long winter and that everyone is eating until they drop. It’s locally grown and only availableRead More