I am currently training for a half marathon in four weeks time. I am not too far away from being able to run the distance. Right now I could probably do 10 orRead More

You may know that we live in Dubai, which has one the biggest Indian community outside India. The supermarkets are full of foods that are prevalent in the sub-continental cuisine: Things I ‘veRead More

It’s chestnut season, yippieeeee!! We love to roast them ourselves, on a lazy (possibly rainy) afternoon and serve them as a snack. I love the smell that comes out of the oven whenRead More

We’ve got visitors from overseas who are on a low carb diet. I take advantage of this and try all sorts of beans in our lunches and dinners. As it is still prettyRead More

When I was a kid we were always living in apartments. There wasn’t much space for pets. The only pet allowed was birds. And we always had one. If one escaped through anRead More

Hummus is a very popular Arabian dip. It’s being used as an appetizer and dipped with pitta bread or raw vegetables. It can also be used as a healthy spread for wraps andRead More

I have been living in the Middle East for more than 5 years. There are many local dishes and salads that are absolutely wonderful.  Many of them I haven’t tried at home. However,Read More

  Living in Dubai means we have summer a little longer than the average folks around the world. From May until October it is so hot, that during the day it is basicallyRead More

I am a German national, belonging to those folks that are known as the biggest bread-eaters on earth. We basically have bread with at least two meals per day. That is bread accordingRead More

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in China for two years. Many things that I tasted then, never crossed my palate again. Those were unique tastes, a totally differentRead More