Remember my last post about the upcoming Ramadan 10k race that involved big prize money? Well, the prize money was doubled to 2.1 million AED (that’s 400.000 EUR or 540.000 USD). I endedRead More

A chiropractor once said that to me there is no running injuries, only lifestyle injuries. Our modern lifestyles have us sitting in the most awkward positions for way too long a time, e.g.Read More

March is the last month of the Dubai running season. The races are getting shorter, as the weather gets warmer. Over are the days when the temperatures drop down to 15 degrees orRead More

It has become a habit of posting here on my blog the day before a big race. Although I didn’t mention it in last week’s post, I went for another race last Friday.Read More

The year is coming to a close. Everybody seems to be wrapped up in the Christmas frenzy. Although I have been living in Dubai for 10 years, and have spent 9 Christmasses (isRead More

I warned you last week: energy-dense recipes are on their way! Which means my marathon training is on the way. I am slightly exaggerating at this point, as today will only be DayRead More

Life has been good recently as two 10k races were on the agenda. The first race included a 2.5k junior race that my son participated in. His first official race, with bib numberRead More

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. To be honest, we chose to ignore this day completely in our house a few years ago. No flowers, gifts, expensive dine-outs or comprehensive dine-ins that has us standingRead More

Last year’s Christmas got me on a cookie baking roll. I am still on it. It’s especially gratifying when my family likes them. These days, they deserve all the good (and healthy) cookiesRead More

An icy wind is blowing that laughs at the temperatures on the mercury.  Numbers on the thermometer can be very deceptive in Dubai: yesterday it went es low as 20C which would probablyRead More

Halloween is around the corner. I will have to go Trick or Treating with my kids again. My son wants to dress up as a devil. My daughter doesn’t like scary creatures andRead More

One of my favorite autumn and winter flavors is orange zest in combination with dried dates or some deep dark chocolate. Or both. It cannot be deep or dark enough. Here are someRead More

School is starting again tomorrow for my son. It’s been lovely summer holidays that we spent in the Dubai heat, in Germany and in Portugal. It’s been long too, about 10 weeks. ButRead More

We are past half-time on our one-month vacation in Europe. On the weekend we returned to Germany after two wonderful weeks in Portugal. What a beautiful place Portugal is! We stayed in CascaisRead More

Hello from Hamburg. We are finally on our one-month summer vacation in Germany in Portugal. It feels really good to be back home, although Hamburg is not my hometown (I went to universityRead More

I have mentioned more often than not that the Dubai summers are very very hot.  This year is no exception. However, it seems that after 8 years that I have been living inRead More

I am very proud to present you another muffin recipe today… I know, I know… yet another muffin. To my defense I am still in the process of optimizing previous muffin recipes. SeveralRead More

Muffins have moved up on our priority list in the last few weeks. Summer is arriving in Dubai. The heat and humidity have an impact on our appetites. Meals are getting lighter andRead More

My 4-year old daughter seems to go through a creative kitchen phase. Every morning, she tells me she wants to bake or cook something. She loves to sit on the kitchen counter, pourRead More