Three months of diligent marathon training have come to an end and the big day is tomorrow. Here I am now, sitting and waiting for those last 24 hours to go by tilRead More

One more week to go until I run my 3rd marathon. It’s taper time. That means less running, less physical exhaustion, and so much more time to think and worry. Here are someRead More

May I make a very bold statement today? Here we go: Everything tastes better with tahini.There, I said it. These days, I hardly have a meal without tahini. It’s either in my hummus,Read More

We are finally back home in Dubai after a month of holidays and travelling. It feels good to be home, although I am still in the process of settling in: unpacking suitcases, fillingRead More

I have been brought up on sweet breakfasts: cereals, breads with honey or jam, etc. A boiled egg was probably the most savory thing I could have before noon. Fried meat or eggsRead More

I am marathon training again. It took a while to convince myself. Firstly, I didn’t get into the London Marathon next year. Although the chances were pretty slim anyway, I sulked.  Secondly, IRead More

Do you sometimes buy fruit or vegetables because of its color?  I find myself putting yellow and orange stuff into the basket. Mandarins, oranges, butternut squash is what I buy by the kiloRead More

Our German holiday weather is taking no mercy on us. It’s back at cold, rainy and extremely windy weather. We are back to board games, dice games, card games. My sister and IRead More

With a multicultural neighborhood like ours here in Dubai, we get to celebrate all sorts of festivals. The Hindus celebrate the beginning of spring with Holi, the festival of colors. People throw coloredRead More

Just come home after a long day’s work and realized the fridge is empty? No energy left to go and buy some groceries to fix a quick dinner? Well, if you can findRead More

 Winter season is soup season. So far we didn’t go much beyond our hearty Ribollita and my husband’s all-time favorite creamy leek and potato soup. No adventures into new soup recipes yet thisRead More

Winter time is cold season, even here in Dubai where winter temperatures do not go below 20C/70F during the day. Husband has been sniffing and coughing for more than a week. My sonRead More

Is it allowed to be addicted to chickpeas? Like being addicted to chocolate? I think I am. Addicted to chickpeas. I panic when my dried chickpeas are finished when I had plans toRead More

Our summer here in Dubai is still hot as hell. But one cannot live from cooling lettuce leaves and cucumbers alone for several months in a row. In the middle of the summerRead More

It’s summer in most part of the world. A few of you will know that the summer in Dubai is extreme, in both temperatures and length. We have some 40+ degrees Celsius (105F)Read More

I love soups. As long as you can puree them, you can make soup out of any vegetables. I usually like my pureed soups with a lot of fancy twists.However, we got aRead More

Ribollita is a Tuscan peasant soup. It means “reboiled”. The original version is vegan. Tuscan peasants used to make a stew-like soup by reboiling minestrone leftovers from the day before.My soup is notRead More

I sit here in Dubai, it’s supposed to be winter. We had about 30C outside temperature, hot enough to just scream for ice cream. We also had a “lovely” dust storm whose dustRead More