As much as I love cooking, I often don’t have time to assemble a whole meal. On days, when everyday life with job/s, errands, kids, family and grocery shopping take over I realizeRead More

Finally! That’s what I need to say first when writing this post for my Pasta Puttanesca recipe. It’s been on my list from the moment I discovered this amazing pasta sauce, but forRead More

Hey, do you want to know how my Dubai winter veggie and flower garden is doing? It’s going great. The usual suspects are up and about, like basil, tomato plants and sunflowers. ThoseRead More

We love seafood in our family. Just recently we threw our BBQ on for a midweek grilled king prawn feast. OK, we had visitors to impress, but I’d do a lot of thingsRead More

Do you know spaetzle? It is a southern German pasta specialty.They are made of flour, eggs and salt. If I remember correctly, it’s 8 eggs on 2 lbs of flour. My best friendRead More

This is an easy and fast pasta dish, that is almost completely made out of ingredients that you probably have already at home, perhaps not the fresh spinach leaves, but you can useRead More

I love the fact that so many pasta sauces and toppings are done much faster than the pasta itself.  This one is a quick and lovely pasta and seafood dish that works wellRead More

Here in Dubai, seasons are a little upside down when it comes to gardening. The summers are far too hot for anything to grow. One has to wait for the end of theRead More

My local supermarket has got a little bookshop right behind their checkouts. The other day I was paging through some random cookbook and saw this recipe of spaghetti with cauliflower and chilli: aRead More

I love pasta in the evening. Especially because cooking the pasta normally takes longer than preparing the sauce. It’s always a quick and therefore easy meal.This recipe is based on the classic spaghettiRead More

I love stir fries as they can be varied according to what the fridge provides for  a nice meal. The only musts in my stir fries are freshly grated ginger and chili. WithRead More

I grew up in East Germany where peanut butter, like other stuff as bananas, oranges, kiwis or other exotic fruit and vegetables, were not available. In fact, I had no idea that thereRead More