My blog is slowly turning into a running blog with random healthy recipes added to each blog post. I am not sure I like this new direction yet. It all seems less coherent.Read More

How many and what kind of childhood injuries did you have? I am talking about stitched-up lacerations, arms or legs in casts, scars, etc? I had my wrist broken when I was 11-12Read More

Did you ever lose luggage while traveling by aeroplane? Did you ever have to go to the lost luggage depot of an airport? We get visitors very regularly here in Dubai. Once orRead More

I feel slightly hesitant to post this recipe as a recipe, because it’s so simple: brown rice with pesto, arugula leaves and a sprinkle of crumbled feta and toasted seeds. It’s my currentRead More

Our 1 month holiday in Germany is slowly coming to an end. We have been here for 4 weeks, and have another few days to go. Every year, after being away for 3-4Read More

It’s winter finally in Dubai. It’s so cold that one wants to wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts and sometimes even socks. This is as bad as it gets. Most Europeans and NorthRead More

I ran my first 10k race of the season yesterday. The season in Dubai is in winter, as the summer months are far too hot for these kind of outdoor activities. I amRead More

I regularly read the BBC Good Food magazine. A few weeks ago I was paging through the August issue hoping to get some inspiration for a Saturday night dinner. I found a GordonRead More

Today was definitely my worst day with regards to overeating at Christmas. We were invited to a Christmas lunch potluck thing at friends. They are Polish, so they had quite a few PolishRead More

I love to experiment with all sorts of ingredients when baking muffins . And nothing makes me more happy than when they turn out well. I get inspired all the time and constantlyRead More

This millet bake has been one of our long-time favorites, although there are many down-sides to it: It is not a quick meal, and you’ll have a lot of dishes to wash afterwards. Read More

When I was a kid we were always living in apartments. There wasn’t much space for pets. The only pet allowed was birds. And we always had one. If one escaped through anRead More