You can’t say I didn’t warn you: here it is! The new look of my blog finally sees the light of the day. I must have threatened with it about two years ago.Read More

Yes, I know. It’s been a very very long time since I last posted a recipe here. Needless to say that I lost interest a bit. Needless to say, never enough to killRead More

I can imagine what you are thinking: she must be living under a rock. The world has been drinking green smoothies for about a decade, and now she’s coming up with a recipe…yawn!!!Read More

I am lagging behind with a lot of recipes that I have been cooking lately, as the other grown-up family member in our house decided to go starch and sugar free as ofRead More

Surprise, surprise: I am still alive. Alive and kicking and cooking. It’s been a while since the last post, about three months. Let me explain. You may have noticed that my recipe postsRead More

Today’s recipe can hardly be called a recipe as it is just an assembly of raw and mostly unprocessed ingredients. My diet has gone more and more into this direction over the lastRead More

Welcome back after a little summer break! I went on a three week holiday to Crete in Greece. All prepared with recipes and food photos that prepared beforehand and that I would serveRead More

Remember my last post about the upcoming Ramadan 10k race that involved big prize money? Well, the prize money was doubled to 2.1 million AED (that’s 400.000 EUR or 540.000 USD). I endedRead More

My running break is over. Thank goodness for that. It lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I am not sure if it was enough to recover physically from the strains of a very longRead More

Breaks are good. Change of scenery is good. Breaking out of your routine is good. Doing something different is good. Even if it’s only temporary. A running coach that I consulted about myRead More

Not much wisdom to share today. Just a lovely summer salad of beetroot, apples and celery that I keep on making. The textures of these three ingredients provide layers, and so do theirRead More

It’s getting hot in Dubai!! My dreams of hitting the last goal for this running season have been crushed by an early onset of incredible heat and humidity this summer. Every year, fromRead More

A chiropractor once said that to me there is no running injuries, only lifestyle injuries. Our modern lifestyles have us sitting in the most awkward positions for way too long a time, e.g.Read More

Spring is in the air, and I find myself making salads and light vegetable dishes instead of heavy hot soups and stews or meat-laden dinners. One can never eat enough vegetables, I find.Read More

March is the last month of the Dubai running season. The races are getting shorter, as the weather gets warmer. Over are the days when the temperatures drop down to 15 degrees orRead More

I read an interesting article yesterday, on one of my favorite running and nutrition websites Competitor Running. The article was called “Do The Math: Percentages In Diets Are ‘Meaningless’”. It says that theRead More

The update of the half marathon that I ran more than two weeks ago on Valentine’s day?…..ahem, yes…… I still owe you that one. Well, let’s be totally honest: I was sulking. IRead More

It has become a habit of posting here on my blog the day before a big race. Although I didn’t mention it in last week’s post, I went for another race last Friday.Read More

This quinoa recipe was an attempt to carb load before my marathon last week. As it contains grains and veggies… Oh, how little do I know. I am aware that many of myRead More