Surprise, surprise: I am still alive. Alive and kicking and cooking. It’s been a while since the last post, about three months. Let me explain. You may have noticed that my recipe postsRead More

Chakalaka is a South African tomato-based relish that has its origins in the townships of Johannesburg. 10 years ago, I was living in Johannesburg for a year and stayed at a vegetarian bachelor’sRead More

We are past half-time on our one-month vacation in Europe. On the weekend we returned to Germany after two wonderful weeks in Portugal. What a beautiful place Portugal is! We stayed in CascaisRead More

BBQing in Dubai in May can be quite a torture. Over the the last week, summer has finally arrived and blesses us now with 40C during the day, and not much less thanRead More

I am a sucker for quick and simple recipes. As much as I love cooking, I don’t want to spend hours chopping, mincing, sifting, whisking or stirring my food. All cookbooks with recipesRead More

 Crackers and dips are my current favorite convenience food. The convenience comes from the fact that I can make a big batch in advance (both crackers and dip) and then have it asRead More

Hello and welcome from Germany. I am on holiday, finally! Everything is good. Although the journey so far has been not exactly smooth. Our plane trip was delayed by 2 hours (not coolRead More

 Guacamole is a well-known avocado dip. Many of you will agree. I agree too. I serve it as a dip when we have visitors. However, when I am alone, I like to haveRead More

  I am a big fan of cheese. The rest of my family is not so crazy about it, and the fancier the cheese gets (in terms of odor, flavor, etc.), the lessRead More

Here in Dubai, seasons are a little upside down when it comes to gardening. The summers are far too hot for anything to grow. One has to wait for the end of theRead More

Hummus is a very popular Arabian dip. It’s being used as an appetizer and dipped with pitta bread or raw vegetables. It can also be used as a healthy spread for wraps andRead More

I have been living in the Middle East for more than 5 years. There are many local dishes and salads that are absolutely wonderful.  Many of them I haven’t tried at home. However,Read More

We live in the Middle East where dates (and other dried fruit)are a very important and common food. Dates specifically play a big role during the holy month of Ramadan. During that time,Read More