I read an interesting article yesterday, on one of my favorite running and nutrition websites Competitor Running. The article was called “Do The Math: Percentages In Diets Are ‘Meaningless’”. It says that theRead More

It has become a habit of posting here on my blog the day before a big race. Although I didn’t mention it in last week’s post, I went for another race last Friday.Read More

How much of an addictive nature is necessary to be a long distance runner? My unscientific and tongue-in-cheek theory has always been that long distance running is for the untalented people. In myRead More

The higher you climb the harder you fall. It’s been sometime since my last post. Not only was I on holidays and traveling abroad, as this has never kept me from posting here,Read More

I am very happy to be presenting a new savory snack recipe today. I am very proud about this recipe, as my 5-year old daughter likes it. She is a bit of aRead More

I have become a cookie monster. I am not entirely sure what has caused it. I guess it’s got something to do with winter where something more substantial than a piece of fruitRead More

The Dubai marathon is over! Three months of hard training culminated in the actual race last Friday. It would be the third time that I’d run a marathon. As many of you haveRead More

Last year’s Christmas got me on a cookie baking roll. I am still on it. It’s especially gratifying when my family likes them. These days, they deserve all the good (and healthy) cookiesRead More

With less than 10 days to go before Christmas, it’s time for a little indulgence. I won’t bore you with more broccoli recipes before the end of the year. Instead, I’ll share someRead More

Christmas is only a month away. It’s a scary thought: I will have my parents over from Europe for 2 weeks. So the pressure is on. They have never really spend Christmas inRead More

One of my favorite autumn and winter flavors is orange zest in combination with dried dates or some deep dark chocolate. Or both. It cannot be deep or dark enough. Here are someRead More

I have mentioned more often than not that the Dubai summers are very very hot.  This year is no exception. However, it seems that after 8 years that I have been living inRead More

My 4-year old daughter seems to go through a creative kitchen phase. Every morning, she tells me she wants to bake or cook something. She loves to sit on the kitchen counter, pourRead More

When I think of my childhood, cookies were inseparably connected to afternoons in the swimming pool or nearby lake. Cookies is what we ate in copious amounts after splashing for an eternity inRead More

Last weekend, I got final confirmation that I am getting completely detached from the realities of healthy food. It seems I am going overboard with my “healthified” alternatives. I attended Dubai’s 2nd communityRead More

Does anyone know who invented the chewy cookie and when? I am asking, because in my childhood, all cookies were crispy. Anything soft or chewy was cake. Period.  It must have happened inRead More

Here is a long overdue recipe of mine: the recipe that saves me at 10pm at night when my baking experiments result in disaster, or when I feel like something sweet, but notRead More

My son has got an International Day at school next week. Some weeks ago, I, not thinking at all, volunteered to contribute to the German stall with two kinds of German cookies. WhatRead More

I think it was Nigella Lawson who once said that if she feels a cold or flu approaching, she’ll have a nice hot curry. If the curry is not able to kill theRead More