An update on my marathon training and progress of my healing running injury is overdue. It’s been 10 days since I last posted here and whined and moaned in a lengthy post aboutRead More

Do you like wasabi? For many years, I only knew it as this horrible green paste that comes with sushi and that (in my opinion) kills any other flavor that you would tryRead More

I was recently asked to contribute four German recipes to a publication whose topic would be international cuisine. It had to be a soup, an entree, a salad and a dessert. While dessertsRead More

Although many of my recent recipes are gluten-free, neither I nor any family members are actually allergic to gluten. It is rather the case that I decided for myself to eat gluten-free asRead More

My recent cravings for salty and savory foods, due to my intensive marathon training,  have brought me back to seaweed. These days, I can have seaweed as early as breakfast time. As longRead More

Roasted chickpeas are no news to the foodie world. However, my first few attempts were disastrous. I tried them several times, with canned and home-cooked chickpeas. And ended up with some chewy, rubber-like andRead More

Dubai is not known for selling health foods to affordable prices. I should know that after 7 years. But some things you have to learn the hard way. I recently bought a 1lbRead More

 After a month of vacation in Germany, I couldn’t wait to be back in my kitchen. Although I cooked a lot in Germany, I was not very inspired to try out new things,Read More

Every year in summer we escape the heat of Dubai for a month. Any weather is welcome and Germany is always good for a change in climate. All we want is fresh air.Read More

Yet another recipe with chickpea flour. I am crazy about this stuff. I posted a similar chickpea cracker recipe before, but this one deserves an extra post. Do you know hummus? Its mainRead More

With summer approaching fast (at least here in Dubai), my appetite for no-bake and no-cook dishes, bits and bites increases proportionally to the growing heat.  We already had around 45C/113F the other day.Read More

Do you have certain flavor combination that you absolutely dislike? I have. I hate chocolate and mint. I cannot in the least understand how this can go together. It’s like brushing your teethRead More

 Due to my recent concerns about the growing number of people with food allergies and food intolerance, I got a little obsessed with creating and eating gluten free and dairy free dishes. IRead More

While people in most parts of the northern hemisphere are waiting for the winter to end, here in Dubai the end of winter means unbearable heat and the end of many activities. MyRead More

I love watching food programs on TV. One program that has almost turned into an addiction is Come Dine With Me on BBC. Four or five amateur chefs competing against each other byRead More

 Before I pester you with yet another Christmas cookie recipe (be sure it will come BEFORE Christmas), I’d like to offer you an alternative to the notoriously sugary and buttery things that weRead More

I often get annoyed when the regular available portion sizes are much too big of what one can use up or eat. For example, ice cream. My kids are still small. They wouldRead More

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a new favorite treat. Homemade spicy honey-roasted cashews. DELICIOUS! I actually wanted to make spicy-roasted chickpeas. I have never made them at home before. I have seen theRead More

It’s summer in most part of the world. A few of you will know that the summer in Dubai is extreme, in both temperatures and length. We have some 40+ degrees Celsius (105F)Read More