My running break is over. Thank goodness for that. It lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I am not sure if it was enough to recover physically from the strains of a very longRead More

I am craving salty and hearty meals these days. Yes, it’s winter. But more so, I am in the final stages of marathon training. I’ve been logging in my longest long run ofRead More

Did you ever lose luggage while traveling by aeroplane? Did you ever have to go to the lost luggage depot of an airport? We get visitors very regularly here in Dubai. Once orRead More

I admit I am still at a loss with most spices. Now that I live in the Middle East, close to India, the spice shelves are packed with spices I am not evenRead More

 I love seafood for several reasons: I love the taste of fish, shellfish, oysters, seaweed. In any way, be it raw, grilled, baked, fried, deep-fried. It’s healthy, a very convenient side effect. ButRead More

We love seafood in our family. Just recently we threw our BBQ on for a midweek grilled king prawn feast. OK, we had visitors to impress, but I’d do a lot of thingsRead More

Is it allowed to be addicted to chickpeas? Like being addicted to chocolate? I think I am. Addicted to chickpeas. I panic when my dried chickpeas are finished when I had plans toRead More

I’ve been cooking quite a bit recently, trying out new recipes: especially cool drinks and salads as summer is approaching fast. And the irony is, I get hungry doing so. In fact, IRead More

I love spicy food, and I can always be won over by a good curry, either Thai or Indian. I’ve never been to either countries, but there is plenty restaurants of both cuisinesRead More

This is an easy and fast pasta dish, that is almost completely made out of ingredients that you probably have already at home, perhaps not the fresh spinach leaves, but you can useRead More

I love the fact that so many pasta sauces and toppings are done much faster than the pasta itself.  This one is a quick and lovely pasta and seafood dish that works wellRead More

My lunch has to get me going until 7 or 8pm. Therefore, I recently got into the habit of always having some cooked beans in the fridge. They make a perfect base forRead More

  In the course of my learning-how-to-cook experience I came up with this most versatile tomato sauce that can be used as a base for many dishes: either thinned out and spiced upRead More

Today is the 3 October, the anniversary of the German reunification in 1990!  I dare to say that most of the things in my life would not have happened without this historic event.Read More

I love stir fries as they can be varied according to what the fridge provides for  a nice meal. The only musts in my stir fries are freshly grated ginger and chili. WithRead More

I never used to have much seafood in my diet while I was living in Germany, apart from the occasional fillet of salmon, herring, trout or tin of tuna.The reason might be thatRead More

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in China for two years. Many things that I tasted then, never crossed my palate again. Those were unique tastes, a totally differentRead More