For the past week or so I have been obsessed with anti-inflammatory foods. It was all triggered by this blog post of fellow Dubai food blogger Ruth about an anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation isRead More

As much as I love cooking, I often don’t have time to assemble a whole meal. On days, when everyday life with job/s, errands, kids, family and grocery shopping take over I realizeRead More

How many days until Christmas? Little more than two weeks? Oh dear….. Time is just rushing by. I haven’t had time yet to try new Christmas cookies. Instead I am baking my oldRead More

 Is there anything like time management courses at evening schools? I need one. It has never happened before that it took me 6 days to post a recipe on my blog. I don’tRead More

 We are back in Dubai after a month of vacation in Germany. Still a little tired from the night flight, and our 80kgs of luggage evenly spread in the house (why is itRead More

It’s mango season here in the region. The groceries are full of the most delicious mangoes: big, ripe, heavenly-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth mangoes! My kids happily take them as alternative to chocolate or sweets thatRead More

 Do you have dishes that you don’t like because you had too many bad versions of it during your childhood? In my case,  pasta salads fall into this category. Pasta overcooked, drowned inRead More

I can’t believe it’s May already. Only two more months and I will leave Dubai for our annual  one- month summer holiday and escape from the heat. I wonder what have I doneRead More

I need to get  this little Pear and Spinach Salad out to the world before it is too late. To me, it is the perfect starter salad for a Valentine’s dinner: Warm andRead More

 Three more days!!!! On Friday I’ll be running my first ever full marathon. Today I did my last training run, a leisurely 6k around the block. I am getting excited. And nervous! ThreeRead More

Two more weeks to go until my first full marathon. Last week I had my longest training run of about 37k/23miles. I ran it with a fellow food blogger from Dubai. As IRead More

Miracles happen, otherwise I have no explanation for this: How can it be that I only heard of Dukkah (an Egyptian spice mix) a few days back, when I have been living inRead More

I assume all food bloggers are constantly on the search for new and tasty foods. Quite a few of them concentrate on healthy foods. A certain percentage would focus on either vegetarian, vegan,Read More

Do you know Halloumi cheese? I actually have no idea how easily available this particular cheese is around the world.  I know that it is hard to get in the German countryside’s supermarkets.Read More