Most of you guys are probably facing long dark and cold winter months as we speak. But here in Dubai, after a loooooong summer, temperatures are finally dropping to some comfortable mid toRead More

My lunch has to get me going until 7 or 8pm. Therefore, I recently got into the habit of always having some cooked beans in the fridge. They make a perfect base forRead More

We’ve got visitors from overseas who are on a low carb diet. I take advantage of this and try all sorts of beans in our lunches and dinners. As it is still prettyRead More

I love exploring the versatility of grains. This recipe was originally with Farro, some grain that I haven’t seen in Dubai. Instead, I decided to use naked barley. I find barley a veryRead More

We never used to be fans of the regular leafy salad, like iceberg salad etc. It seemed too tasteless and watery. Rocket salad is nice at times but can be a little tooRead More

I grew up in East Germany where peanut butter, like other stuff as bananas, oranges, kiwis or other exotic fruit and vegetables, were not available. In fact, I had no idea that thereRead More

Since I started cooking, I have realized I like especially two things when doing so: foods that don’t need many dishes that have to be washed afterwards and foods that don’t need muchRead More

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in China for two years. Many things that I tasted then, never crossed my palate again. Those were unique tastes, a totally differentRead More