I love exploring the versatility of grains. This recipe was originally with Farro, some grain that I haven’t seen in Dubai. Instead, I decided to use naked barley. I find barley a veryRead More

I love pasta in the evening. Especially because cooking the pasta normally takes longer than preparing the sauce. It’s always a quick and therefore easy meal.This recipe is based on the classic spaghettiRead More

I love stir fries as they can be varied according to what the fridge provides for  a nice meal. The only musts in my stir fries are freshly grated ginger and chili. WithRead More

I never used to have much seafood in my diet while I was living in Germany, apart from the occasional fillet of salmon, herring, trout or tin of tuna.The reason might be thatRead More

As a child I was always put off cooking and anything related by the amount of time that my mother used to spend in the kitchen to prepare meals, especially the big lunchesRead More