I think I can say this now as the ends seems to be near: We survived yet another Dubai summer with scorching heats and unbearable humidity. Every year I dread the summer. AndRead More

 After more than 2 months of summer holidays, I forgot what it was like to get up early every morning and get my son get ready for school on time. He started schoolRead More

 I tried a new sport yesterday. I went climbing on an indoor climbing wall. I  always wanted to try it, because I figured it would come easy to me because I am smallishRead More

I have a new love: buckwheat flour. For several months I have been eying the packet in the supermarket, not quite knowing what to do with it and how it would behave inRead More

 It’s already been a week since we landed in Germany for our vacation. It wasn’t the smoothest of all vacations in the beginning. All is fine now. We have settled into our holidayRead More

I missed my own birthday! Blog birthday that is. Can you believe it? It simply got lost in all the misadventures of the last few days that came along with our vacation inRead More

 The last week before a holiday is as stressful as all the time together since the last holiday, it seems to me. I am going on a one-month holiday tomorrow. I got everythingRead More

These truffles are a by-product of my Raw Lemon Cashew Cheesecake. I was playing around with the proportions of the crust ingredients, that left me with a whole batch of nice “truffle dough”Read More

– Reason: “This is not a healthy dessert!” – Health-conscious foodie: “But is has no refined sugar in it!” – Reason: ” But a ton of dates.” – Health-conscious foodie: “But at leastRead More

 Do you know the feeling when you know you are not ready for any new things, news of any kind, be it good or bad? Let me explain what it could be causedRead More

I want to sing an ode to my grandfather who came over to Dubai from Germany to spend two weeks with me, my husband and his great-grandchildren. My granddad is 85 years old.Read More

People are creatures of habit when it comes to foods and food routines. For instance, many like the same breakfast every morning. Lunches can be the same for 2 or 3 days inRead More

There is two kinds of recipes. The ones with very long ingredients lists. Those dishes usually take a long time to prepare. However, there will provide layers of flavor, either by an extendedRead More

Merry Christmas to everyone! I wish you all some lovely holidays and the best for 2011. Our Christmas is as good as over. That’s me at 8pm at night, with the kids beingRead More

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make: I finally registered for the Dubai marathon!! I mentioned in many recent posts that I was training for it, but never told youRead More

If you are not in the mood of hear me bleating about my marathon training, please skip to the next paragraph. It’s fine, really!!! You are not missing much. I ran 24 kmRead More

I ran my first 10k race of the season yesterday. The season in Dubai is in winter, as the summer months are far too hot for these kind of outdoor activities. I amRead More

I am training for a marathon again! I did so about one year ago, but had to cancel the whole adventure after 8 or 10 weeks of training. This time, I am trainingRead More

Fat Does Not Make You Fat! This is the title of a post of a fellow Dubai food blog Bon Appetit! It is a beautiful summary of why fat is an important partRead More