No-one in our family is very talkative at breakfast time. On a weekday that is. It suits me perfectly as the breakfast cakes and muffins that I bake the night before for myRead More

  About a year ago, I read a few books of the German doctor Max Otto Bruker. This was after I realized that my consumption of refined sugars (especially in the evenings… inRead More

We live in the Middle East where dates (and other dried fruit)are a very important and common food. Dates specifically play a big role during the holy month of Ramadan. During that time,Read More

Here is one of our all-time no-added-sugar favorite breakfast cakes. Over the time, I experimented a bit with the ingredients, especially the dried fruit. I found raisins and dried apricots not as yummyRead More

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in China for two years. Many things that I tasted then, never crossed my palate again. Those were unique tastes, a totally differentRead More

I  can’t understand why people always need to eat cold stuff in summer and warm stuff in winter. I live in Dubai, It’s July, one of the two hottest months of the yearRead More