I love stir fries as they can be varied according to what the fridge provides for  a nice meal. The only musts in my stir fries are freshly grated ginger and chili. WithRead More

  Living in Dubai means we have summer a little longer than the average folks around the world. From May until October it is so hot, that during the day it is basicallyRead More

I think I had my first wrap at the age of 25, in New York, at Taco Bell. I loved it!!! All those Burritos and Fajitas…. I could have stuffed myself with theseRead More

This is another one of our favorite soup recipes, and a good, not so sweet alternative to the carrot soup. Light, healthy, vegetarian, simply yummy. Easy to make, and it might even beRead More

I never used to have much seafood in my diet while I was living in Germany, apart from the occasional fillet of salmon, herring, trout or tin of tuna.The reason might be thatRead More

I grew up in East Germany where peanut butter, like other stuff as bananas, oranges, kiwis or other exotic fruit and vegetables, were not available. In fact, I had no idea that thereRead More

As a child I was always put off cooking and anything related by the amount of time that my mother used to spend in the kitchen to prepare meals, especially the big lunchesRead More

I lived in Berlin for many years and I miss it a lot these days. It is, in my opinion, the most open and tolerant city in Germany. Everything is allowed. I lovedRead More