Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a new favorite treat. Homemade spicy honey-roasted cashews. DELICIOUS! I actually wanted to make spicy-roasted chickpeas. I have never made them at home before. I have seen theRead More

I am training for a marathon again! I did so about one year ago, but had to cancel the whole adventure after 8 or 10 weeks of training. This time, I am trainingRead More

We moved to a new house a few days ago. Actually, just down the road. Everything had to be packed anyway, no matter how far the truck was going in the end. IRead More

 Guacamole is a well-known avocado dip. Many of you will agree. I agree too. I serve it as a dip when we have visitors. However, when I am alone, I like to haveRead More

Our summer here in Dubai is still hot as hell. But one cannot live from cooling lettuce leaves and cucumbers alone for several months in a row. In the middle of the summerRead More

By nature, men are hunters and women gatherers, right? Well, we swapped jobs. Although, to my knowledge, my husband doesn’t gather much at the moment. Good so because I am hunting. Houses. WeRead More

It’s summer in most part of the world. A few of you will know that the summer in Dubai is extreme, in both temperatures and length. We have some 40+ degrees Celsius (105F)Read More

My wok is one of my favorite kitchen utensils. Because I love stir fries. Because any combination of veggies and/or meat/fish can be put in. Because they are done in no time. EspeciallyRead More

Living in Dubai for the past six years has naturally introduced me to Middle Eastern foods. If there is one thing that I really like about their cuisine, it’s their use of greenRead More

These balls are so full of goodness, I refuse to call them sweets. They surely satisfy a sweet tooth, but that’s just a nice side effect of this otherwise super healthy and nutritiousRead More

Four more sleeps until we leave the scorching heat of Dubai and go on our 4-week holiday to Germany. The fridge has to be emptied. The vegetable shelf is pretty much my department,Read More

I love soups. As long as you can puree them, you can make soup out of any vegetables. I usually like my pureed soups with a lot of fancy twists.However, we got aRead More

Lupini Beans made it into the 2010 SAVEUR Top 100!!! That’s great, but what’s more important to me is that I finally learned about the English name of these beans. LUPINI BEANS!!!!! IRead More

  Fresh beetroot should carry a warning: Don’t wear white clothes while cooking. And all recipes using beetroots should list rubber gloves as one of the “ingredients”. I was wearing a white T-shirtRead More