If I had to appoint one fruit or vegetable to each season of the year, my spring fruit would definitely be lemon. Each year in the spring months, I find myself buying lemonsRead More

 Do you know the feeling when you know you are not ready for any new things, news of any kind, be it good or bad? Let me explain what it could be causedRead More

While people in most parts of the northern hemisphere are waiting for the winter to end, here in Dubai the end of winter means unbearable heat and the end of many activities. MyRead More

Which three foods would you like to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island? I was thinking about that today at lunchtime, as I was baking yet another varietyRead More

It is no secret that I love the combination of chocolate and cherries. I already posted two recipes with this flavor combination here on my blog (Cocoa Cherry Granola and Coconut Cherry CocoaRead More

We moved to a new house a few days ago. Actually, just down the road. Everything had to be packed anyway, no matter how far the truck was going in the end. IRead More

I just googled the origin of zucchini bread and it seems to be an American invention. Now all American readers of this will yawn, but I still can’t hide my excitement about theRead More

What do you do when one person of the family prefers freshly baked breads only for breakfast? Getting dressed and run to the bakery shop first thing every morning? No. Not me. NotRead More

I am still on vacation in Germany, visiting family and friends. I deeply enjoy my mom’s traditional German homemade cuisine. As we are only here for a few days, everyday’s lunch is aRead More

I want to squeeze in a last recipe in April, as I have posted comparatively little this month. I mentioned in one of my earlier April posts that we had a streak ofRead More

I am very excited to post this recipe as it was lost for a few weeks. I made these scones a few times about a month ago. The recipe I might have neverRead More

For some time, I have been planning to make biscottis again. And for even longer, this jar of blackstrap molasses has been sitting in my kitchen cupboard. I have seen a few interestingRead More

This cake has been inspired by the Apple Pie with Dried Fruit from the Mansurovs. I baked their version when we had guests for a BBQ, and it was a true success. WhatRead More

  I have posted another recipe of fruit bread before. But I need to share this one with you today. Maybe because I haven’t baked any fruit n’ nut breads for so long,Read More

Why do healthy cookies always look so ugly? I am in a serious predicament here, as I am aiming to post healthy, wholesome foods and dishes in this blog. At the same time,Read More

My latest culinary revelation comes with two warnings: Coconut and dried dates are a pairing made in heaven. Warning #1: It’s highly addictive. Warning #2: I will surely explore all sorts of recipesRead More

I love to experiment with all sorts of ingredients when baking muffins. Nothing makes me more happy than when they turn out well. I get inspired all the time and constantly have newRead More

Hey, I consider this my first very own cookie creation!!!! I am very proud of it! It’s been developing in my head over the last week, after I bought a package of coconutRead More

Beside cooking and photographing (in fact, these are two of my newer hobbies) I like running. I started off with just short distances up to 5km, just jogging for myself. Soon I participatedRead More

This is one of my first biscotti recipes from about a year ago, with my favorite ingredients nuts, seeds and dried fruit. I made these again the other day and realized that theseRead More