It’s 8pm on a Thursday in Dubai. I am running the last half marathon of the season tomorrow morning at 6.30am. Everything is laid out, including the banana that I will force myselfRead More

If there is anything about baking that I don’t like, it’s the Hit or Miss aspect of it. You can assemble the most promising batters. But only if you pull the bread orRead More

Spring is always near when I find myself using a lot of lemon in the kitchen.  Anything yellow or lemon-shaped catches my eye. Any recipe that has lemon on the ingredients list looksRead More

I never used to like savory muffins. I could never explain why until I ate one that was utterly delicious. Only then I realized that all previous ones were simply tasteless. That particularRead More

Five days to go until the Dubai marathon. I ran my last training run today, 12k at marathon pace. It felt good. I know from experience that I find it harder to getRead More

I am taking the year 2012 in a storm. It started with a cover photo and a double page spread about my blog and recipes. Now I am working as a assistant photographer/foodRead More

A couple of weeks ago, I was a stressing out that Christmas was so close, and nothing had been prepared. Now, with just three days ago, I can assure you that it tookRead More

How many days until Christmas? Little more than two weeks? Oh dear….. Time is just rushing by. I haven’t had time yet to try new Christmas cookies. Instead I am baking my oldRead More

I admit I am still at a loss with most spices. Now that I live in the Middle East, close to India, the spice shelves are packed with spices I am not evenRead More

I thought, only Germans could bake cakes with four (or more) eggs in it. My German Cheesecake is the only cake so far on this blog that uses  FOUR eggs. Whenever I sawRead More

It’s only another month until Christmas, have you noticed? It always comes as a surprise to me. Christmas suddenly just stands in front of the door. The main reason for the surprise factorRead More

I am halfway through my second week of marathon training. I just completed my 26k long slow run last night. It went good. Surely, I have tired legs today, but all is withinRead More

First things first: the Parmesan in this recipe is not real Parmesan. it doesn’t even have the smallest crumb of Parmesan on the ingredients list. It gets even better: it’s vegan. And it’sRead More

 I tried a new sport yesterday. I went climbing on an indoor climbing wall. I  always wanted to try it, because I figured it would come easy to me because I am smallishRead More

I have a new love: buckwheat flour. For several months I have been eying the packet in the supermarket, not quite knowing what to do with it and how it would behave inRead More

Germany’s summer seems to have hit the lowest point: It’s 12C outside and it’s wet wet wet. It’s anything but summer. Idon’t think it can get much worse than this. But I won’t complain.Read More

 It’s already been a week since we landed in Germany for our vacation. It wasn’t the smoothest of all vacations in the beginning. All is fine now. We have settled into our holidayRead More

 The last week before a holiday is as stressful as all the time together since the last holiday, it seems to me. I am going on a one-month holiday tomorrow. I got everythingRead More

Does anyone know who invented the chewy cookie and when? I am asking, because in my childhood, all cookies were crispy. Anything soft or chewy was cake. Period.  It must have happened inRead More