We just got back from a three-week vacation in Germany. It was lovely! Nice weather: sunshine, fresh to warm 20 to 25 degrees, nice wind, occasional rain or thunderstorm. A welcome change toRead More

I grew up in East Germany where peanut butter, like other stuff as bananas, oranges, kiwis or other exotic fruit and vegetables, were not available. In fact, I had no idea that thereRead More

As a child I was always put off cooking and anything related by the amount of time that my mother used to spend in the kitchen to prepare meals, especially the big lunchesRead More

Since I started cooking, I have realized I like especially two things when doing so: foods that don’t need many dishes that have to be washed afterwards and foods that don’t need muchRead More

I used to eat ready-made unsweetened muesli with milk for breakfast. That kind of muesli with all sorts of cereals, raisins and seeds. I have had this pack of muesli standing in myRead More

We live in the Middle East where dates (and other dried fruit)are a very important and common food. Dates specifically play a big role during the holy month of Ramadan. During that time,Read More

Here is one of our all-time no-added-sugar favorite breakfast cakes. Over the time, I experimented a bit with the ingredients, especially the dried fruit. I found raisins and dried apricots not as yummyRead More

I lived in Berlin for many years and I miss it a lot these days. It is, in my opinion, the most open and tolerant city in Germany. Everything is allowed. I lovedRead More

I am a German national, belonging to those folks that are known as the biggest bread-eaters on earth. We basically have bread with at least two meals per day. That is bread accordingRead More

When I was a kid, my family and I lived in China for two years. Many things that I tasted then, never crossed my palate again. Those were unique tastes, a totally differentRead More

When I met my husband years ago, his typical breakfast used to be a chocolate bar and a coke. He’s got a sweet tooth, no doubt, but since I started enjoying cooking andRead More

I  can’t understand why people always need to eat cold stuff in summer and warm stuff in winter. I live in Dubai, It’s July, one of the two hottest months of the yearRead More

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