I think I can say this now as the ends seems to be near: We survived yet another Dubai summer with scorching heats and unbearable humidity. Every year I dread the summer. AndRead More

Roasted chickpeas are no news to the foodie world. However, my first few attempts were disastrous. I tried them several times, with canned and home-cooked chickpeas. And ended up with some chewy, rubber-like andRead More

Dubai is not known for selling health foods to affordable prices. I should know that after 7 years. But some things you have to learn the hard way. I recently bought a 1lbRead More

Every year in summer we escape the heat of Dubai for a month. Any weather is welcome and Germany is always good for a change in climate. All we want is fresh air.Read More

Yet another recipe with chickpea flour. I am crazy about this stuff. I posted a similar chickpea cracker recipe before, but this one deserves an extra post. Do you know hummus? Its mainRead More

Do you have certain flavor combination that you absolutely dislike? I have. I hate chocolate and mint. I cannot in the least understand how this can go together. It’s like brushing your teethRead More

 Due to my recent concerns about the growing number of people with food allergies and food intolerance, I got a little obsessed with creating and eating gluten free and dairy free dishes. IRead More

Our family is blissfully saved from any sort of food allergy or food intolerance. Only once I became a foodie, who reads lots of blogs and meets lots of other foodies and whoRead More

While people in most parts of the northern hemisphere are waiting for the winter to end, here in Dubai the end of winter means unbearable heat and the end of many activities. MyRead More

I love watching food programs on TV. One program that has almost turned into an addiction is Come Dine With Me on BBC. Four or five amateur chefs competing against each other byRead More

 Do you watch food channels on TV? I love them. It’s an acquired taste, at least in my case. When I met my now husband years ago, my cooking skills didn’t go muchRead More

 Before I pester you with yet another Christmas cookie recipe (be sure it will come BEFORE Christmas), I’d like to offer you an alternative to the notoriously sugary and buttery things that weRead More

I often get annoyed when the regular available portion sizes are much too big of what one can use up or eat. For example, ice cream. My kids are still small. They wouldRead More

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a new favorite treat. Homemade spicy honey-roasted cashews. DELICIOUS! I actually wanted to make spicy-roasted chickpeas. I have never made them at home before. I have seen theRead More

These balls are so full of goodness, I refuse to call them sweets. They surely satisfy a sweet tooth, but that’s just a nice side effect of this otherwise super healthy and nutritiousRead More

 I had the idea for these bread sticks when I made the tart crust for the Spinach Tart. I have been  so infatuated with that crust, its crunchiness, its amazing taste by ingredientsRead More

I cannot repeat myself often enough when it comes to a no-added sugar diet. A couple of years ago I would have never thought that this is possible without sacrifice. I am notRead More

Does an average household have regular paper cups in their pantry? I wonder!! I found Hannah Montana paper cups in my house. I’ve got kids, but they are not in the Hannah MontanaRead More

Lupini Beans made it into the 2010 SAVEUR Top 100!!! That’s great, but what’s more important to me is that I finally learned about the English name of these beans. LUPINI BEANS!!!!! IRead More

Anyone here whose New Year resolution was a low-fat and no-refined-sugar diet? Try these apple walnut squares. They are sweetened with dried dates and otherwise contain rolled oats, whole wheat flour and appleRead More