Two more weeks to go until my first full marathon. Last week I had my longest training run of about 37k/23miles. I ran it with a fellow food blogger from Dubai. As IRead More

Is it time again again to bring up the topic of New Year resolutions? I have never really been a big believer in New Year resolutions. In fact, I don’t really give muchRead More

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool? A pot or pan, a certain wooden spoon that you ALWAYS use? Well, in the picture above you see my favorite baking tray. I bake, roastRead More

While it gets cold in the rest of the world, BBQ season starts in Dubai. While most people living in the northern hemisphere are cuddling up at home with a warming cup ofRead More

 I had Indian food a few times last week as we had visitors from Europe who don’t eat Indian food very often. Half (if not more) of Dubai’s population is Indian, so youRead More

Nothing tastes better than homemade bread. Period. I have often read about the therapeutic effect of baking your own bread. I can proudly say I can approve that too. Although my bread bakingRead More

I always liked to have a fruity touch in my veggie salads. Unfortunately, no-one else in my family shares this passion. On the other hand, good: more of these salads for me. ThisRead More

My wok is one of my favorite kitchen utensils. Because I love stir fries. Because any combination of veggies and/or meat/fish can be put in. Because they are done in no time. EspeciallyRead More

Living in Dubai for the past six years has naturally introduced me to Middle Eastern foods. If there is one thing that I really like about their cuisine, it’s their use of greenRead More

My diet has become more and more vegetarian over the last year or so. I used to enjoy a big fat burger once in a while, but don’t really have a chance toRead More

This okra recipe has been sitting in my computer for the last two days, ready to post, with picture chosen and retouched, etc. Just the introductory notes were missing. It should be easyRead More

As long as I can remember, red cabbage has been THE major side dish for special occasions in my family, be it family birthday or anniversary meals, Easter or Christmas. It came alongRead More