I admit I am still at a loss with most spices. Now that I live in the Middle East, close to India, the spice shelves are packed with spices I am not evenRead More

I thought, only Germans could bake cakes with four (or more) eggs in it. My German Cheesecake is the only cake so far on this blog that uses  FOUR eggs. Whenever I sawRead More

I have been brought up on sweet breakfasts: cereals, breads with honey or jam, etc. A boiled egg was probably the most savory thing I could have before noon. Fried meat or eggsRead More

It’s only another month until Christmas, have you noticed? It always comes as a surprise to me. Christmas suddenly just stands in front of the door. The main reason for the surprise factorRead More

First things first: the Parmesan in this recipe is not real Parmesan. it doesn’t even have the smallest crumb of Parmesan on the ingredients list. It gets even better: it’s vegan. And it’sRead More

I am marathon training again. It took a while to convince myself. Firstly, I didn’t get into the London Marathon next year. Although the chances were pretty slim anyway, I sulked.  Secondly, IRead More

Continuing my argument from my last post that I am a peasant at heart, I’ll always prefer homemade foods over restaurant foods. And what better opportunity of having homemade foods would there beRead More

I have always liked foods with little ingredients. It spells SIMPLE and UNCOMPLICATED and TIME-EFFICIENT and FOOL-PROOF to me. That’s just my alley. Because deep in my heart I think I am aRead More

Going grain-free naturally leads you to exploring nuts and seeds. My first grain free granola, the Orange Date Nut Clusters,  a couple of weeks back has become a staple in my house. IRead More

I have just survived one of the toughest weekends in the year: my son’s 6th birthday and the party that we threw for him. Every time I organize a birthday party, it takesRead More

 Crackers and dips are my current favorite convenience food. The convenience comes from the fact that I can make a big batch in advance (both crackers and dip) and then have it asRead More

These truffles are a by-product of my Raw Lemon Cashew Cheesecake. I was playing around with the proportions of the crust ingredients, that left me with a whole batch of nice “truffle dough”Read More

Are friendships worth to put at stake for a piece of cake? Well, this is what I did. After I made this raw lemon cheesecake for the first time, I was so blownRead More

Last weekend, I got final confirmation that I am getting completely detached from the realities of healthy food. It seems I am going overboard with my “healthified” alternatives. I attended Dubai’s 2nd communityRead More

While people in most parts of the northern hemisphere are waiting for the winter to end, here in Dubai the end of winter means unbearable heat and the end of many activities. MyRead More

I am training for a marathon again! I did so about one year ago, but had to cancel the whole adventure after 8 or 10 weeks of training. This time, I am trainingRead More

We moved to a new house a few days ago. Actually, just down the road. Everything had to be packed anyway, no matter how far the truck was going in the end. IRead More

I come straight to the point: this red lentil tomato soup is my absolute favorite soup. I could eat it everyday. Because some other family members may find that a little too often,Read More