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We don’t want to beat around the bush: with a very strong photography background we think that a good website stands on good-quality photography. The sleekest web design and the greatest content will be spoiled if you use mediocre images. We want to be as proud of your website as yourself. If we cannot agree on high-quality images, we won’t get together on the web design. Simple as that. Otherwise we are friendly.


Pricing creativity is not an exact science. We put our heart and soul in every web design. Like any creative work, we could work on it forever, always finding a little detail that can be made look prettier. From a client’s point of view, a design will usually fall into one of four categories:

Bad design that’s expensive
Bad design that’s cheap
Good design that’s expensive
Good design that’s cheap

We have pricing guidelines that we are happy to send out on request. For an individual quote we need to talk about your individual needs. You will agree that the CNN website will have different demands than the laundry service company around the corner or a birthday cake online shop. Your project’s complexity and our queue determine the price and schedule.

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